Insurance law

Our firm provides wide range of services in the sphere of insurance law: 

  • Written and verbal advice on personal insurance, life insurance, property insurance, responsibilities, interpretation of current legislation of Ukraine concerning insurance.
  • Legal support during insurance contracts preparation and conclusion, concluded insurance contracts analysis.
  • Client’s interests representation in relations with insurance companies in case of loss occurrence.
  • Client’s interests representation and conducting insurance proceedings (termination of insurance contract, insurance payment collection etc).
  • Consultations and legal support of relations with regulatory authorities (Financial Services National Committee of Ukraine, State Committee of Financial Monitoring of Ukraine, other executive State government bodies)
  • Legal services in case of loss occurrence, legal conclusions and mediation in case of nonstandard and complicated loss, in case of charging insurance compensations without consultations with insured person.
  • Legal conclusions in case of loss occurrence, insurance payment grounds/ refusal of insurance compensation.
  • Insurer and insured person's interests representation in the courts of all instances including preparation and drawing up claims, counterclaims, explanations, refusals, applications, inquiries, petitions and other legal documents in the Client’s interests.
  • Client's complete legal support in negotiations with insurance companies representatives in case of insurance disputes (refusal of insurance compensation, insurance payments reductions, breach of insurance payment time frame).
  • Organization of systematic claim work directed to satisfy insurer's subrogation demands, answers preparation to regress demands, drawing up amicable agreements for voluntary debts reimbursement in the order of regress.
  • Organization of systematic claim work based on individual agreement directed to satisfy insurer's demands concerning voluntary debts reimbursement in the order of subrogation and regress, drawing up amicable agreements.
  • Client’s interests representation during legal proceedings concerning reimbursement of damages in the order of subrogation and regress in the court, in the frame of criminal case; claims, complaints, recalls, amicable agreements preparation, evidence collection and representation.
  • Ensuring timely and full enforcement of the ruling by bodies of the public executive service in the order determined by the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • Other quality and high-efficiency services in the insurance law.
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