Administrative law

Our firm provides wide range of services in the area of administrative law: 

  • Written and verbal advice, conclusions, interpretation and legal services concerning administrative state-society relations.
  • Individual strategy elaboration of Client's legal rights and interests protection in administrative relations with regulatory agencies, law-enforcement authorities and courts.
  • Providing answers for inquiry and other reports for public authorities, including state tax authorities, prosecution authorities, customs bodies, fire inspection, internal affairs agencies, anti-monopoly committee, consumer protection agencies, other public authorities and institutions.
  • Client's representation during the inspection conducted by regulatory agencies and law-enforcement authorities.
  • Appeal of the order of inspection and the inspection results conducted by regulatory agencies and law-enforcement authorities.
  • Client's rights and legal interests protection in public authorities, state local authorities and in administrative proceedings in the courts of all instances.
  • Drawing up procedural documents (claims, counterclaims, explanations, refusals, applications, petitions, appeals and complaints, challenges) to protect Client's legal rights and interests.
  • Collection and submission of evidence to the client's favor to the court.
  • Decisions, actions and inactivity of judge or a state enforcement officer are appealed by our firm in the order envisaged by the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • Ensuring timely and full enforcement of the ruling by bodies of the public executive service in the order determined by the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • Other quality and high-efficiency services in the administrative law practice.
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